As the market leading provider of Front Office Robotics Maxatta looks to develop partnerships across; financial service companies, software developers, consultancies and regulatory authorities in order to stay market led and provide focused, innovative solutions to its clients.
Maxatta’s Partner program is an opportunity to work together to meet the needs of the financial services community. As a partner, you will get access to Maxatta insights, technology demo’s and we can help you understand the financial markets front office domain.
Once onboard, partners receive the technical support they need to fully work with Maxatta products and services.
Through our partnership program Maxatta seeks to enhance the ROI to the client.
Maxatta is in partnership with: UCL
As a founding member and partner of Maxatta, UCL provides world leading research and IP to support the Maxatta client product offering.
Maxatta is backed by UCL through a strategic, tailored and high-value research partnership. The partnership will develop new areas of research, technology and innovation that enhance Maxatta’s competitive edge and increase the impact of UCL’s world leading research.
Working directly with UCL Computer Science, Maxatta has access to world renowned academics across the department to bring best in class solutions to Financial Markets clients.

Supported by AI seed

As a Fintech with a strong background in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Maxatta are proud to be supported by AIseed who provide investment and support for the next generation of Artificial Intelligence founders.

Supported by Inforalgo

Inforalgo is a trusted partner to leading institutions in Capital Markets by providing integration and data harmonization solutions