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Capital Markets represents a multi-billion dollar global revenue generating industry crucial to the smooth functioning of the global economy.
Today’s trading environment is more complex than ever requiring trading desks to:
  • manage product processes that are becoming ever more sophisticated
  • understand the broad and deepening regulatory environment
  • focus on managing risk and executing on opportunities.
Automation should address the complete trading process, with expected flexibility built in. We are delivering both Action and Insight value on the desk. 
Maxatta Desk Automation is a first in class standardised solution to automate on-desk processes. Driven by 7 powerful software cores Desk Automation absorbs significant workload to allow traders to focus on risk management and trading opportunities.
Download the Delta One Basket Transaction Case Study, an example of Linear Derivatives Trading transformed by Maxatta Desk Automation technology. We are working with desks across financial markets to power up their business through RPA.
Market led, the platform captures best in class market wide standards in process automation, regulation and audit. Maxatta delivers an immediate ROI on the desk increasing efficiency, productivity and decision enhancement and growing in value as the business develops.
Maxatta is the provider of choice for global capital markets RPA and ML.

We are a technology company focused on robotic process automation in the front office.

Data is the commodity of the information age. Maxatta have an ever growing suite of data capture solutions to capture, clean and store bespoke and relevant data.
Our Data Capture Robotics Core works 24/7 to build a data store private to the desk upon which the business achieves unique insight and actionable intelligence.
  • Transient Market Data
  • Client Behaviours
  • Internal Operational Data
  • Social Media and more bespoke data
Understanding the 360 view of the trading desk provides new levels of insight as the industry transforms into the digital age.
The trading desk is a growing mix of administration to manage products, risk, opportunities, clients, regulation, compliance and audit. Desk Automation is a single solution that absorbs this administration into Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to allow front office to focus on value generation.
RPA the business achieves :
  • Standardisation
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
into the Front Office of Financial Markets. We are one of the first companies in the world to focus on the RPA needs for the global trading desk environment.
Maxatta is a team of former Traders, CIO’s, Academics and Technologists focused on delivering the best in class core RPA solution for front office in financial markets that is expected to evolve to the biggest impact of AI in banking.
Above the core data capture engine within Desk Automation, core analytics are immediately available for insight and decision intelligence. We are building best in class solutions for:
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Trade Opportunity Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
Our solutions re-invigorate the insights driving the trading decision to make pricing, opportunities and risk management more robust and complete than ever.
How is this possible ? Our team include industry leading specialists, expert technologists and world renowned academics focused on Capital Markets Trading.